Cuberdons Léopold

Cuberdons Léopold are exclusively prepared according strict artisanal traditions in the Kingdom of Belgium and contain only natural ingredients of the highest quality.

An explosion of flavour
The secret of cuberdons lies in the subtle contrast between the hard outer candy layer and its tender, succulent heart of soft sweet syrup, which provides a real explosion of flavour.

A unique taste
Cuberdons Léopold are faithful to the original recipe, which dates from the 19th century, and are prepared with only natural raspberry flavours. The taste of the cuberdon is unique, a singular combination of the perfume of raspberries combined with red, jammy fruits.

Quality packaging
Cuberdons Léopold are presented in a cylindrical, high-quality packaging that is assembled by hand and festooned with a satin ribbon, that is available offering 21 cuberdons. A smart sachet of 10 Cuberdons Léopold is also available.