Values of Léopold

The exuberance of Liège, the authenticity of the Marolles district, the romanticism of Bruges, the refinement of Knokke-Le-Zoute, history of Bastogne, the surrealism of René Magritte, the creativity of Antwerp… Cuberdons Léopold symbolize all the richness of the Kingdom of Belgium's cultural heritage.

Between tradition…
There was a time when men put all their strength, passion and know-how into their work. A time when raw materials were drawn from nature, a time when quality was deemed more important than quantity.

Cuberdons Léopold, with their 100% artisanal Belgian production, their ancestral recipe and their unrivalled taste, continue this tradition.

...And elegance
« Nobody can invent the good taste, you can only perpetuate it”. That could be the Cuberdons Léopold’s motto. Upscale image and pure design bring a whiff of modernity to these delicious candies of nostalgia.