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The real, original, cuberdon is raspberry flavored. At Léopold, we only use natural flevoring.

Why not? First, drop the cuberdon in a glass et pour gently. Not the othher way around, the champagne would overflow. Trick: put the cuberdon in the freezer for one hour. It will keep the champagne cool longer.

Sugar and glucose are heated up to turn into a syrup and then gelling, flavors and natural coloring are added. The syrup is then poured in starch moulds and cooked in an oven at 55° for one week to let a crust form while inside, a soft liquid remains. After one week, the starch is removed from the cuberdon and resused for the next batch.

Les cuberdons Léopold sont en vente sur notre site internet, à notre atelier d'Enghien et dans une sélection de points de vente: traiteurs, épiceries-fines, cavistes, fromagers, concept-stores...voir même dans un magnifique magasin de lingerie ! Envoyez nous un e-mail à info@cuberdonsleopold.com en mentionnant votre code postal ou appelez-nous au 02/395.77.32

The Cuberdon Léopold has an 11-week life span from production. The fresher, the thiner its crust!

Store the cuberdons at ambient temperature, in a dry and cool place. Contrary to chocolate, do not store the cuberdons in a refregirator and aven less in a freezer.

There is no alcohol neither in our cuberdons nor in any of our other products. Let's make the obvious exception with gin and champagne of course!

The most popular legend claims that the candy was invented in the 19th century by a clergy member in Flanders, in the Brukes ares, hence its name: "priest's cap". But nothing is certain except that it was invented during the reign of... Léopold I.

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The traditional cuberdon is made of a syrup of sugar and glucose, gelling agents (gelatine and gum arabic) as well as natural raspberry flavoring and natural coloring (black coal and carmine red dye). One of the essential ingredients is the famous gum arabic, the acacia sap.

Cuberdons, marshmallows, nougat and shortbread cookies

Our shortbread cookies contain butter... almost 30% :-)